Indian Arm Ocean Adventure

I thought I would take a break from talking  about my knee and instead share some of my adventures since moving to the west coast. I’m hoping you will have a chance to visit some of these incredible places too, and that this will take my mind off the 13 feet of snow I’ve missed out on this month!

This past summer, Jeff and I spent every weekend canoeing, camping, hiking and many other outdoor activities. We both agree that our trip to Indian Arm Provincial Park was one of the best! Indian Arm stretches north from Deep Cove in Vancouver.  The fjord is surrounded by stunning old-growth forested mountains and features two waterfalls, the second at which we camped .

The 18km paddle up the fjord with the current took us about four hours. B.C. Parks suggests the paddle should take approximately two hours to Granite Falls. I think we were at a disadvantage due to the TWO eighteen packs of beer weighing down our canoe!  We also stopped to check out the seals (unexpected!) and explore Silver Falls…this too could have added to our time I suppose.

Silver Falls

Jeff at Silver Falls

Seal in Burrard Inlet


Our hard work paid off because we were the sole paddlers at Granite Falls and scored a VIP campsite at base of the falls! Once we’d set up shop, we climbed up the falls for a bird’s eye view! The climb was more of a scramble, but well worth it to be engulfed by the beauty of the natural landscape.


Climbing up the waterfall


Jeff and I at Granite Falls, Indian Arm Provincial Park

Exploring a cave at the top of the falls

Swimming in the falls!

View from the top

Camping at Granite Falls

Front flip in high tide!

Heading back to Deep Cove proved to be more difficult since we didn’t leave until the afternoon, when the tide was coming back in! And we wondered why the other campers left early… After five and a half hours battling the tide, still weighed down by an unopened 18 pack of beer (go figure!), we arrived back in Vancouver!

I really look forward to doing this trip again and would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a challenging paddle!


4 thoughts on “Indian Arm Ocean Adventure

  1. Linda says:

    Thats for Sharing Brooke!!!Where do you live now?

  2. Jackie says:

    Stunning! I may have to just copy this trip

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